Snorkeling in Sorrento

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Live a unique experience during your stay in Sorrento! The snorkeling excursions are accessible to everyone, adults and children without age limits.

You will swim in fresh and clear waters, and admire the lush marine flora with all its friendly “inhabitants”. So, ready to put on your mask, fins and snorkel? An explosion of colors awaits you!

We also do sunset snorkeling. A truly exclusive experience!

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The best snorkelling spots in Sorrento


To practice snorkeling in Sorrento safely and in the most beautiful areas you can rely on us at Barracuda Diving who offer certified instructors as well as expert guides in the area and everything you need to have fun without worries.

Furthermore, on board our dinghies we offer you snacks and fresh drinks.

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The most beautiful places to snorkel near Sorrento are the protected marine area of Punta Campanella and the Bay of Ieranto – a UNESCO heritage site -, easily reachable by our boats.


These enchanting natural inlets are located at the extreme tip of the coast, where the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Coast meet. From here, you can admire Capri in all its splendor.

Here, the sea is calm and crystal clear, and the rocky walls are rich in parazoanthus and gorgonians.

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The underwater wonders of the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella offer a natural spectacle of inestimable value, hosting a wealth of biodiversity that underlines the crucial importance of its conservation.

Among the species that contribute most to this marine ecosystem, Posidonia oceanica stands out for its fundamental role.

This marine plant not only creates vast underwater meadows that provide food, shelter and nursery areas for a diverse range of marine life, but also plays an essential role in protecting coastlines from erosion and maintaining water quality.

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You will experience truly unforgettable moments and enjoy the sea in complete harmony.

Go snorkeling during your holiday in Sorrento!

Barracuda Diving is certified Fipsas-Cmas, Padi, Naui, Fias.


Feel like diving in with mask, snorkel and fins? Snorkeling is an activity suitable for everyone that will allow you to discover the wonders of our seabed in total freedom with a guide who will explain all the curiosities of the fantastic ecosystem that inhabits our coastline!

Sunset Snorkeling

Our special Sunset Snorkeling will allow you to enjoy our landscapes and waters during the most charming hours of the day.

Together, we will wait for the sun to set, enjoying a breathtaking view.


Where do we start from and how to get there


If you are staying in Sorrento you can reach our snorkeling center in Marina del Cantone comfortably by car. It’s only 30 minutes away and you can enjoy breathtaking views along the way – you’ll find ample parking (for a fee).

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We will give you a warm welcome and provide you with all the information about the places where we will go snorkeling.

After that, we will leave with our boat towards the Punta Campanella marine park (only 10 minutes away) where we will put on a mask, snorkel and fins, and dive in for an amazing adventure!


You can find us in Via Amerigo Vespucci, 39 – 80061 Nerano.

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For more information you can write to us on WhatsApp, via e-mail, or you can call us.

What you will see while snorkeling in Sorrento


Posidonia oceanica, with its imposing presence, is not just a plant, but a symbol of the interconnection of marine life and its resilience, highlighting the importance of protecting these environments not only for their intrinsic beauty but also for their crucial role in the global marine ecosystem.


Immersed in these meadows, underwater explorers can discover a vibrant world pulsating with life. From the small but lively communities of sea urchins, starfish and red sea squirts to the delicate gastropods that find refuge among the leaves and roots hidden under the sand. The long leaves of Posidonia oceanica serve as anchors for the friendly seahorses, which cling to them with their prehensile tail, often adorned with encrusting epiphytes.


Among the intertwined branches, scorpion fish, wrasses, damselfish and salps hide, creating a complex and interconnected habitat, and if you are attentive, you will be able to observe mullet, schools of salp, latherini and black guarracini, as well as spotting the glittering silver of the sea bream, sea bass and sea bream.